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Top techniques to increase your concentration and focus while programming 2017

Top techniques to increase your concentration and focus while coading

When you code for several hours at a time, you feel uncomfortable, and also you lose your focus due to many factors.However, after reading this article, you will recognize Why do you lose your concentration and how to prevent this problem by applying some easy techniques.So, keep reading.

Continuous programming without rest is one of the main factors to lose concentration.Hence the question is that how do you stay focused while coding.For that, you should recognize Concentration and focus increasing techniques.The techniques are given below-

#Find out encumber(Destruction) 

You can improve your concentration and focus by apprehending What things distract your attention.Then remove questionable things that distract you.Smartphone or Gaming console is the major dis-tractor. So, promise yourself that after completing your work you will use it or put your smartphone in a desk drawer.

Internet connection may also decrease your focus.For this, if possible to do your work without the web, then I strongly recommended you to turn off your internet connection to get back concentration.

Alternatively, Block distracting websites such as Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), your favorite blog, etc.You can use FocalFilter,  Leechblock(For Mozilla Firefox), StayFocusd(For Google Chrome) this software/add-ons for blocking that distracting website.  

#Reward yourself to motivate

Start your working with an easy task and then try complicated task.Step by step possess is on of the best way to accomplish your work in more efficiently. Remember when you complete a work successfully & diligently then reward yourself to motivate.I mean after finishing a responsible task you can celebrate your success by eating your favorite chocolates or by singing or by doing as you like best.

# Leave me alone

Your working environment must be noise-free(quiet) to keep your focus during programming.If it is not applicable to you, then use a pair of noise cancellation headphones to solve this problem.

this photo is about Pomodoro technique in programming

#Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro technique still helps you to maintain your focus while Programming.Wikipedia says,''The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo''.The main point of Pomodoro technique is '' Focus on a work at a time and complete the work within that time.''So, target an assignment(Work) at a time and fix a time limit 30 or 50 minutes to do it.Continue your working until the timer rings.After the timer start to rings, take a  short break for 3-5 minutes.Then again do the same thing until the work completed. For doing this, you can use a time management software called  Break Time.Continuous working on the computer may damage your eye. Therefore, a Short break is extremely useful to start working with new enthusiasm. When you start programming then wear glasses to protect eyes from the computer screen.

#Build your willpower

Willpower is essential to increase your concentration and focus while coding.So, increase your willpower and confidence level to be a good computer programmer.If you promise yourself that I will be a good programmer, then nothing can distract your concentration.So, build strong willpower.However, anything is possible with willpower and ability to strengthen.Famous quotes about willpower

"Self-confidence and willpower help to do your half work. If you believe in yourself, then your half work will be done."  

Programming music to increase concentration

 #Listening  music  while          coding

  This topic is very  complicated because    this differs  from man to man.Many    programmers suggest me to  'you keep concentrate by hearing the music.' However, most of the people dislike this because listening music will pull your attention and concentration away from the code.

 However, If you like music or melody, then you can pick music from music for programming.

Now, you can apply this method to make your every single day as a productive day of coding.


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